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by anna felicia photography

I create impactful photos for passionate and purpose-driven people.

Let’s grow your audience, build a stronger community and make more revenue 

Personal branding photography, if done right, can create a huge impact for your business in ways such as:

- The overall feel of your brand will be elevated. No matter how great your branding is, it won’t look complete without the perfect photos to go with it. 

- People buy from people. Showing your audience who you are will not only give them a great first impression of you, but will begin building a sense of trust from the start. Having photos you are happy with and proud of will make it easier to show up as the great mind behind your brand. 

- The world is a visual place. About pages, contact pages, paid print and online ads, magazine features, profile pictures, business cards, event invites, newsletter headers. That’s just a few of the places your personal branding images can help make your brand stand out and be memorable for the viewer. 

Your photos will most likely be the first thing people see, when they find you. The photos you present yourself and your brand with is what’s going to tell people quickly who you are and the type of business you run. I’m here to translate the aesthetics and vibe of your business into photos that will help you grow you brand, stand out and reach the people you want to serve. This begins with a Discovery meeting, where we together dive into the deep end of all the big questions behind you and your brand. Your story, vision, inspiration and mission are all key parts in creating impactful images. 


Before finding Felicia, I had no professional-looking photos of myself for my website - I took mine previously with a tripod and they needed updating. Having seen Felicia’s beautiful images on instagram, I knew she was the photographer I had to work with. Before shooting, I was nervous about being on the spot in front of a camera (for once!) but Felicia was extremely reassuring and I felt relaxed the whole time - it was actually really fun! Felicia makes it so easy to have your photo taken. She has an amazing talent, is calm and reassuring and captures the most amazing photos with ease. Felicia has done an amazing job of capturing myself and my brand in my photos and I can’t wait to work with her again. I couldn’t be happier with my images so wholeheartedly recommend you hire her for yours!
— Lizzie, Blix Creative
I absolutely love working with Felicia. I was really in need of professional photography for my social media and ever since I started working with her it’s very clear how my Insta-game has gone up that extra notch. People have been commenting on how much more slick my feed has been looking since I started working with her. She works quite fast and efficiently, yet always make me feel comfortable and at ease, never rushed, which is evident in all my photos. I love how professionally she edits her photos as well. If you’re looking for a professional photographer I highly recommend Felicia. She’s hugely talented and one of the best photographers I’ve worked with.
— Eleanor Barkes, influencer
After following Felicia for a while on social media I knew I needed her amazing talent and help to build my brand profile. Her openness and outright desire to help me create a consistent look for my branding which suits me to the core was such a relief, after the first meeting I new I was in super safe hands. Felicia adapts her style to fit with you and your personal style but always with a super professional editorial style finish which was what I needed for my styling business. I hope to continue working together regularly highly recommend Felicia if you’re wanting to take your business to the next level too.
— Sarah Stacey, coach

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