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Styling and preparation guide for your branding photography


 Whether you are here after a consultation meeting with me, or just would like to know a bit more about the process of getting your branding images; welcome! In this blog post, I will guide you through what you can do to calm any nerves before our shoot, or just what to think about when it comes to styling and preparations. 

Even if you love being in front of the camera and have everything under control, I recommend preparing as much as you can the night before. Lay out what you want to wear, make sure it fits in your bag/luggage, and go to bed early. Shooting for a couple of hours can be intense, so if there’s one day I recommend that you get your 8 hours of sleep, it’s this one. 

When it comes to the styling, I put together a do’s and don’ts list. These are things that’ll both look good on camera, and also can be a little guide to sticking to your brand theme.   


- Bring options. Different necklines, colours, a skirt, a pair of trousers. Also, if the location we’re shooting at is dark, having clothing that isn’t black will make you stand out a lot more, so consider locations when choosing colours. How many we will get through varies, but I recommend at least one different outfit per location.

- Wear what you feel confident in, and what you’d wear normally. This means items that fit well, that you don’t have to adjust as soon as you move. It will be easier to focus on the rest if you know that the clothing won’t need too much of our attention.

- Consider your branding colours. Try to match font and website colours, and it’ll lift the overall appearance, plus you’ll look like a coordination queen.

- Think of the details. Jewellery and accessories will make an outfit look well put together. 

- Hire a makeup artist if you are not 100% comfortable doing your own makeup. It will reduce stress in the morning of the shoot for you, to be able to leave the responsibility to someone else. (Side note: I’m currently building my network of MUA’s in Brighton and London, please contact me if you’re a MUA and would be interested in working together)


- Don’t wear clothes that look “old” and “too worn in”, unless that is the look you are going for. Greyish black jeans, too stretched out jumpers etc may be comfortable, but might not be the best choice of clothing to represent your brand.

- Don’t let your outfit steal any focus from you. This means avoiding too heavy patterns, bright neon colours and several pieces of statement jewellery.

- Don’t wear something only because it’s on trend. Trends fade, and the aim is for these images to match who you and your brand are for a long time. 

Ultimately, my recommendations for outfits is the same as for locations. Think of what is YOU. What are you naturally drawn to, what represents you? What makes you feel empowered and unstoppable? Ask yourself that, and really think about what the answers are. If you need to do some shopping, I recommend it, because after all, having your photos taken is a big day, and an important investment in yourself. 

To make the day go even smoother, I suggest not booking anything else right after our shoot. That way you will be able to be fully focused on our shoot without having to keep an eye on the time and any preparations for a later appointment. The best images come when we are both 100% present. Photography for me is a state of mindfulness. Shutting off and putting away distracting phones, and just seeing the images being created, is part of the reason why I love it so much, and I love experiencing it with the people I am photographing. 


The photos in this blog post are from my branding photoshoot with Sina, a graphic designer and interior designer, check out her work at If your website or social medias need a visual upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact me and book a free consultation meeting!

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