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How I work with brands from different continents

Last year, I started to look into how I could help clients get photography for their brand remotely, whether it was because of lack of time on their part to take a day out for a shoot, or that they were located overseas and wanted a different backdrop to where they are based. Thanks to technology such as Zoom (similar service to Skype) it’s all very possible in this day and age, and in this post I will go through how I help clients on a remote basis. 

Having photography done remotely can not only be an efficient time-saver, but done right it can help your brand speak to a wider audience. The key to images that represent your brand well, is to have photos that feels inspiring yet attainable for your ideal client. One of the reasons why I love London and Sussex, is because of the diversity and creative opportunities. There’s an endless list of locations to choose from, different architecture, forests, parks, the seaside and small villages just an hour away from London. London itself is like several smaller cities combined into one huge city with its different neighbourhoods and areas. 

Model:  Anya Conlon
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Not only is there a huge variety in where to shoot, but being one of Europe’s fashion capitals, you can find creatives from all over the world to collaborate with. I’ve worked with everything from Swedish to South African models, and there’s always new people coming and going. I’m constantly working on building my network and I feel so lucky to be in a place where there’s such an amazing creative community. 

This is all great things for businesses based over here, but I wanted to find a way to incorporate London’s possibilities for clients abroad. The photos in this blog post are from various shoots with the Canadian brand Art of Where. They are a drop shipping company, constantly in need of images to showcase their various fabrics and products. With new technology helping them print on natural and more sustainable fabrics, they needed images in greenery and nature to portray this. With them being based in Canada, they struggled to find the right location over there, but a blossoming London in spring was the perfect backdrop. 

To plan these photoshoots, I created PDF’s with different London locations and different models from my network and sent them to my contact from Art of Where. That way, they can get a feel for London’s and Brighton’s different areas and see which models that suit their brand best. We also had calls discussing if they wanted more of a commercial vibe, or more of a high fashion vibe and what they wanted me to focus on specifically for their products. Whilst this might sound like a lot of back and forth, it didn’t take many minutes and it definitely saved them time from having to be present at the shoot for four hours each time. And most importantly, it allowed them to get the photos they needed without even being on the same continent! 

Model:  Lydia Helen
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Here’s what Art of Where said about our photoshoots:

We did 3 shoots with Felicia over 3 months and were extremely impressed with her eye for shooting fashion photography. We sent her packages of clothing for each shoot with some specification for location and style and left the rest up to her critical and creative eye! The results were exactly what we needed! She provided both lifestyle/Instagram style photos as well as high fashion oriented photos. Our products stood out just like we wanted them too and we were able to use the photos in our website and social media. We highly recommend Felicia to anyone that wants to make their photo shoots straightforward and easy (Felicia provided multiple options for location/models). We look forward to working with Felicia on future shoots!
— Art of where
Model:  Alexa Taylor
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If you’d like to know more about how I can help your brand with photography, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

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