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DIY studio photoshoot with Grace Upshall

As we are coming into the colder and rainier season here in the UK, studio photography is something I’m going to get into more over the next few months. To begin this project, I decided to make a little DIY studio for a test shoot with the stunning and lovely Grace Upshall. You can come a long way with natural light, and luckily the space I used have big windows that let in loads of daylight. For this first shoot, I decided to see what I could create with things I already own. Here’s a look at the behind the scenes: 


All we used for the images here was a clothing rail from Argos for about £30, two different sheets I found on the high street in Brighton, and a stool I found in a furniture second hand shop. Being self taught in photography, and starting out with little to no budget to build my portfolio back in Sweden, I’m used to making the most out of what we have, and make shoots look like higher production than they are. I always love it when it looks like a lot went into a project, even though like on this occasion, we were just two people involved with things a lot of us have at home. That being said, I’ve done some really exciting higher production shoots in the last few weeks that I can’t wait to show you!

Brighton London Fashion Photographer
Brighton London Fashion Photographer

The lighting is mostly just natural light, but for some shots I used my large reflector to brighten it up a little. 

Grace is a dancer in London, and I loved how fun some of the styling was for this shoot. Especially these glasses with the gold chain was a favourite of mine! 

We also went outside as the sun was starting to get lower. I’ve seen a blue van parked in Brighton when I’ve been walking home the past few weeks, and really liked how it looked with Grace’s green vintage-style Adidas top. 

Brighton London Fashion Photographer
Brighton London Fashion Photographer

I hope you enjoyed these images! I’m currently taking on bookings for portfolio building shoots, lookbooks and campaigns, as always. I’m going back to Sweden for five days tomorrow, to see my family and friends from there, but will be available to reach via email. I haven’t been back since Christmas, so I’m very excited to spend a few days in Gothenburg! My boyfriend is coming with me as well, so we’ll probably spend most of our time in cosy coffee shops in my favourite parts of Gothenburg. We’ve also been planning on going canoeing, something I’ve not done in about 8 years, so that will be interesting.

Thank you for reading!