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Come and see me and three other female founders in Brighton talk about running our businesses!


A few weeks ago, I received a super exciting email. Fi, the founder of the amazing community She Can She Did, reached out and asked if I was interested in joining her and 3 other women in Brighton in July for her Midweek Mingle. I feel so honoured and grateful for the opportunity, so despite being more or less terrified of public speaking, I knew I’d regret it so hard if I didn’t take this chance. 

I’ve attended a few of her events in the past, and always found them so inspiring. The feeling of openness and acceptance in a room filled with female entrepreneurs and business owners doing their own thing, openly discussing things that we normally keep to ourselves about our experience in various industries, is incredible. The community over competition vibe is strong. 

So, you can buy tickets HERE to hear mine and the others’ stories, the ups and downs and what we’ve learnt so far. I’d love to see as many as possible of you there!

- Felicia