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How a monthly photography subscription can benefit your business

Last month I introduced a new way of how I charge for my services. One thing I cherish a lot with my work is the people I meet, they inspire me and give my photography a purpose for someone other than myself. Thinking about how I could maintain these relationships even better, I came up with the idea I’m going to talk about in this blog post. 

I now offer a subscription package for my services, which essentially means that we shoot together monthly for a minimum of three months. I’ve had great feedback about it so far, and these are some of the benefits of this arrangement.

Model: Isabella Lilley from Sapphires Model Agency

Model: Isabella Lilley from Sapphires Model Agency

This may seem like an obvious one, but shooting regularly with the same photographer gives you consistency in the content you put out into the world. This will result in you gaining credibility, by giving you a stronger brand image. It provides you with the photos you need for regular blog posts, newsletters, advertisement in the local newspaper, and of course, social medias. 

Everything that you write, say, post, or do add up to your branding and how people view your business. Having everything in the same style makes people recognise you from miles away. If you change things too much, your clients won’t feel a strong connection, even if they’ve followed you for a while, because they don’t really know what your style is. So, to sum it up, finding a style of photos that you love, and that resonates with your target audience, is going to help you communicate with more clarity, consistency and credibility.


Furthermore, it also saves you time and stress. Finding a new person to outsource tasks to, is always a project. Making sure they know you, your brand and visions is time you could have spent taking care of your clients, being with your family or walking your dog. When launching a new collection, you can focus on marketing that, knowing that you’ll have the photos needed without any hustle. By sticking to the same photographer, you will get more and more effective in getting the photos that you need. 

Lastly, and possibly most importantly; we build a stronger relationship and connection. By working together regularly, photo shoots will become a routine for you which is going to benefit the outcome of the shoot. No matter how good a photographer is at making people feel at ease in front of the camera, making a routine out of photo shoots is going to make it feel even more relaxed and natural. We can analyse together what works for your business when it comes to photos. What your audience engage the most with, and how we can tailor the shoot concepts even more for it to speak directly to your target audience. This is what made me want to focus on this subscription idea even more. Getting to know other business owners, hearing their why’s and stories, and capturing it all in photos is a huge reason why I focus on branding and fashion photography.  

I offer a free Skype meeting or coffee meeting if you are based in Brighton or London, if you are interested in discussing getting photos for your business. Email me to get started!

Thank you for reading!

- Felicia 

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