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22 hours of calm


Here is where I woke up the other day. I enjoy the train rides between Brighton and London, but that being said, I love a good night's sleep in a bed that's wider than my own, plus the change of environment really inspire me. It is something special about waking up somewhere that isn't home, a different view from the window and a different walk to wherever I am working that day. 


This hotel in particular has become my standard place to go to when I can. Located in the heart of Shoreditch (choose the right side of the building when you check in and you'll get an amazing view!), with an artsy vibe that doesn't get too much, it is easily my favourite place to stay. 


Aesthetically pleasing staircase leading up to the lobby from the entrance. The place is called citizenM if any of you would like to check it out, they have a few hotels all over the world. Thank you for reading my first blog post here, I look forward to having a place to share more in-depth about future projects!

Thank you for reading!

- Felicia 

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